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About Us


Casa of Hope is an anti-human trafficking agency dedicated to providing safe housing to sexually exploited women, educating communities, outreach, and bringing awareness in an effort to combat modern-day slavery of men, women, youth, and children. 

At Casa of Hope we know human trafficking can be a dark and uneasy topic of discussion, however the reality is communities are being targeted all over the United States and abroad.  Because it's happening in our own backyards, we desire to educate communities on the various forms of trafficking as well as potential influences.  Because we know it could be our neighbor's daughter, a co-worker's niece or nephew, a friend's grandchild, we want the community to be aware of various traps traffickers may use through force, fraud, and/or coercion to enslave victims.  Because of the day and age we live in, we want people to be aware of the different avenues such as technology and games in which a child, teenager, young person, or adult can find themselves facing, such as a life of slavery in the sex industry.

Through our Christian safe house program, Beautiful Gate, for female survivors over the age of 18, we educate in human trafficking, provide opportunities to complete educational goals, as well as instruct in becoming successful leaders.  We have what we call the RED Letter Edition in our safe housing program.  RED is an acronym for Revelation, Education, and Dedication.  


Revelation refers to the human trafficking courses we offer in the house, revealing the various types of trafficking, influences, entrapment, etc.  Our hope is every survivor graduates our program, but to those that don't, we want to help reduce the recidivism rate by instilling as much human trafficking education as possible to every woman entering our home.  


Education time occurs during the evenings, allowing time for residents to complete a GED program, finish high school, attend community college, or finish up at an online university or trade school.  The idea is for survivors to use this time, while provisions are provided, to focus on the bigger picture, which is their futures.  


Dedication refers to the instilling of faithfulness.  It takes commitment and follow through to accomplish whatever our goals are in this life.  At our Beautiful Gate safe house, we allow survivors to be leaders in the home, providing an opportunity for each woman to see her own potential as a leader.  Survivors will have specific leadership positions in the home rather than having others come in to do so.  We believe in being survivor-informed and being survivor-led.  Why not commit to helping them grow as leaders while they're with us?  


At Casa of Hope, we want more for survivors, to not only see them just survive, but to overcome in every aspect of their lives.  Our vision is "transitioning victim survivors of sexual exploitation into over comers!"  

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