About Us

CASA of HOPE is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women victimized by sex trafficking. We provide a place of safety, healing, and education.Our home-based environment will be a safe place for these young women to heal, gaining back their confidence and dignity.

What is our MISSION?

  • REHABILITATION GROUPS - We provide therapy and support to heal from the trauma of the sex trade. Our safe environment is committed to love and care for each and every woman in our program.

  • SKILLS DEVELOPMENT - Our on-site learning center will assist each woman with an education and skills plan customized to their specific needs. This includes high school, GED, college preparation and employment readiness.

  • TRANSITIONAL PURSUITS - Our goal is to allow each woman in our program to gain freedom and independence from the sex trade. With safety, healing and rehabilitation, our clients can re-enter society with a bright and healthy future.

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